The Wheelhouse 20/20 team

Meet the Team
a vast network of individuals

With over 40 combined years of building industry related experience, Scott Ericson and Jennifer Swick founded Wheelhouse 20/20 in 2010. Both have extensive knowledge of the building industry, specifically in the areas of business development, sales, operations, and marketing. Prior to launching Wheelhouse 20/20, each served as a member of the executive management team for Parr Lumber Company.

The Wheelhouse 20/20 team includes a vast network of individuals who have earned their positions in the wheelhouse through innovation, performance, and dedication. Their exceptional talents and broad range of skills allow us to take an idea and move swiftly from concept to implementation. Most of our ideas are inspired by the challenges you face in your day-to-day business or the challenges your customers face. There are a lot of people with brilliant ideas; we pride ourselves on executing those brilliant ideas and providing effective solutions.

Photo for Trevin Swick
Meet Trevin Swick

I also give motivational speeches to fellow troglodytes when I'm not reaping the benefits of nepotism. Thanks, mom!

Photo for David Westlund
Meet David Westlund

I have a collection of over 100 classic NES games. I think I've only beaten 9 of them...

Photo for Scott Ericson
Meet Scott Ericson

I was part of a 1980’s break dance crew called West Side Breaker’s.

Photo for Scott Davis
Meet Scott Davis

I make a mean buffalo chicken dip.

Photo for Meredith Penrith
Meet Meredith Penrith

I would love to be able to breathe under water like a mermaid.

Photo for Larry Andersen
Meet Larry Andersen

I have a passion for Middle East Tribal rugs.

Photo for Jim Tricomi
Meet Jim Tricomi

I always look forward to seeing the largest Potato on the planet...

Photo for Jared Rencher
Meet Jared Rencher

I didn’t eat my first piece of candy until I was 18 years old...

Photo for Rene' Chadly
Meet Rene' Chadly

I can throw a tight spiral...

Photo for Jennifer Swick
Meet Jennifer Swick

Remember Phoebe from Friends singing ‘smelly cat’? yep, that’s me.

Photo for Elizabeth Orozco
Meet Elizabeth Orozco

I made a record when I was 15 with a band that I played with.

Photo for Michael Knowles
Meet Michael Knowles

I was a body builder in the late '80's

Photo for Joe Neto
Meet Joe Neto

I look like Eddie Murphy.... and Kenny Chesney!

Photo for Taitam Bussa
Meet Taitam Bussa

Work at home dad for the last 7 years as a database marketing specialist for the automotive industry.

Photo for Tom Conley
Meet Tom Conley

I have a second degree black belt in...

Photo for Jennifer Behunin
Meet Jennifer Behunin

I played division 1 softball in Ohio for two years.

Photo for Natalie Castro
Meet Natalie Castro

Saw NSYNC & Brittany Spears when I was 8. Thought I was THE coolest kid on the block!

Photo for Alaina Trowbridge
Meet Alaina Trowbridge

I recently became a crazy cat lady and it's Christmas for my cat, Goose, every time I go to the pet's store!

Photo for Deb Colson
Meet Deb Colson

One thing interesting about me is that I was born in England.

Photo for Kourtney Mei
Meet Kourtney Mei

I'm a world champion equestrian rider.

Photo for Zach Jepsen
Meet Zach Jepsen

When I was a kid I wanted to be a Professional Baseball Player.