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Meet Our Newest Member: Hayley Broder!

Wheelhouse Team - Thursday, February 22, 2018

Meet Hayley!

Hayley Broder Photo

Hayley Broder is the newest member of our rockstar team at Wheelhouse 20/20. Hayley joins the firm with over five years of sales, marketing and business development experience in a wide variety of fields.


Hayley was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and is a lifelong Eagles fan! She moved out west for a change of scenery and loves exploring her new home with her husband and two cats. When she's not in the office you can find her teaching indoor cycling classes and searching for the best live music and food trucks in town.


Hayley is a "recovering attorney" who made the bold decision to change career paths after a few years of practicing corporate law. While working for a firm in the Philadelphia area, Hayley discovered her innate ability to build and maintain strong relationships with her clients. The Wheelhouse team recognized this immediately when talking with her and knew she would be a great fit to foster lasting partnerships with our clients.

After determining her passion, Hayley was determined to get out from behind the desk and into the field and began searching for an opportunity that would allow her excellent communication and interpersonal skills to flourish.

As a varsity athlete, health and fitness have always been an important part of Hayley's life. When a business development role opened up at a prominent boutique fitness brand, Hayley jumped at the chance to join the team and hasn't looked back! She also brings experience from working in many other fields, including the food, beverage and real estate industries and while the exact field may have changed, Hayley has stuck to three main principles of business development to achieve success for her clients:

Market Research:

Trying to grow a brand without a marketing strategy is like trying to play darts in the dark -- you waste time and energy trying to hit the bullseye when you don't know where to aim. She recognizes that a marketing strategy is the foundation of your brand growth efforts and market research illuminates your targets.

Hayley is comfortable using both qualitative and quantitative research methods to gain key insights into customer behavior, market trends and competition. She knows that understanding the target market is a key component in optimizing ROI and ensuring a successful campaign.

Event Management

Experiential marketing events are excellent opportunities to promote businesses at any level of the building material supply chain -- that is, if they're memorable and enjoyable! When an event runs smoothly, it helps reinforce positive relationships with current customers and fills the sales funnel with potential leads.

Hayley has promoted brands by hosting events at some of the nation's leading corporations, including Google, Facebook and Comcast. For her, the keys to successful event management are organization, clear communication and understanding what the audience wants. Hayley's priority for each event is to make it "sticky", or memorable long after the event is over. She does so by incorporating interactive activities, foot carts, photobooths, and branded swag that customers will take home and use in their daily lives.

Brand Identity

Branding and the relationships we build in the building supply industry go hand in hand; when you have a strong brand identity, you earn loyalty, recognition and trust that helps attract and maintain customers. Brand consistency provides a competitive edge in the marketplace because it lends enhanced credibility and trust over the competition and the ease of introducing a new product or service under a familiar logo.

For each client, Hayley loves to analyze their brand identity and provide enhancements when needed. She takes pride in ensuring that all promotions, from advertisements to interactive events to social media accounts accurately represent your brand's messaging and "personality" to your target audience. While many business owners make the mistake of ignoring their brand identity until there is a problem, Hayley is proactive and helps her clients build a strong reputation from the bottom up.

Work with Hayley

Hayley is thrilled to bring her business development and account management skills to Wheelhouse 20/20 and we are thrilled to have her as part of our team. She brings a great deal of experience and personality with her and we are excited to see how she can put her skills and passions to work in building and maintaining client relationships. Welcome aboard, Hayley!