Competitive Analysis

The objective of a competitive analysis is to separate perception from reality and establish or confirm the strategic marketing direction of your company.

Wheelhouse 20/20 measures 16 specific categories, including competency, extra-mile mentality, straight to price, follow up, and add-on sales. We compare those categories to the results of your competition, providing you with a detailed analysis and verbatim quotes from every salesperson and contractor who was surveyed. Are you really better than the competition? Wheelhouse has secret shopped over 500 LBM dealer locations across the United States and surveyed over 500 contractors on behalf of our manufacturer, distributor, and LBM dealer clients. If you have multiple locations, there is a good chance we’ve shopped your salespeople and surveyed your customers. Click to find out if one or more of your locations have been secret shopped.

Shocking Statistic! Wheelhouse 20/20 called 500 dealer locations and acted as a homeowner or contractor, asking questions about products and pricing for a project exceeding $3,000.

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Wheelhouse 20/20's abilities to understand our many promotional/marketing initiatives and to discuss creatively how best The Parr Company may deliver its story to its public are truly the hallmark of creative marketing.

David C. Hamill, CEO
Parr Lumber Company