About Us

After working together for 17 years as sales and marketing executives with a Top 20 LBM supplier, Jennifer Swick and Scott Ericson founded Wheelhouse 20/20. Wheelhouse 20/20 is a strategic marketing and advertising agency that works exclusively in the building supply channel. "Although we can provide all of the traditional sales and marketing tools, we are unique in that we will not create a marketing/advertising campaign or strategy without a sales component," said Scott Ericson. "We feel that is the only way to get results."

Sales and marketing departments are typically organized in silos. Wheelhouse 20/20 was founded on the philosophy that to be successful, a company should strive to break down those silos and adopt a strategy that integrates all aspects of sales and marketing."In our experience, different divisions of a company would spend a lot of time in leadership team meetings competing for budget dollars," Jennifer Swick commented. "This is a waste of time and resources, and is completely counterproductive to branding the company or growing profits and revenue."

It is common to expect marketing departments to promote new customer segments, product solutions, and the company's brand. Wheelhouse 20/20 takes that notion one step further by also providing the necessary tools and a unique competitive advantage for the salespeople. "It is easy to get a blueprint or a material list to bid," Scott said. "However, converting a customer is ultimately much more difficult and nearly impossible without the resources that marketing can provide."

Wheelhouse 20/20 uses events, direct representation, print, media, digital, and social networking sources collaboratively with sales tools and training to achieve their clients' objectives. The agency also recognizes that each client and every location is unique. The goal at Wheelhouse 20/20 is to understand a client's overall objectives, then create a strategy that provides the resources that accurately support each of that client's locations depending on the customer mix, inventory, and competition. There is no one-tool-fits-all solution when it comes to Wheelhouse 20/20 marketing. The strategies and tactics must be flexible enough to be adapted to the needs of the specific sales team. "Our programs empower managers and salespeople," said David Westlund, Wheelhouse 20/20's director of operations. "They provide visibility, strategic insight, and solutions that create profits and revenue for our clients."

Since 2010, Wheelhouse 20/20 has developed a proprietary method of sales and marketing integration that includes four distinct steps:

Wheelhouse 20/20 Step 1


This uncovers the unidentified bottlenecks that are holding back sales growth.

Wheelhouse 20/20 Step 2

Internal Alignment

This addresses the inter-departmental challenges that maintain the silos and inhibit sales, marketing, and operations from working together.

Wheelhouse 20/20 Step 3

External Execution

This applies the marketing tools and strategies developed for the client.

Wheelhouse 20/20 Step 4


Momentum takes into consideration that even the best strategy is useless if it is not implemented, measured, and maintained consistently.

It is this philosophy and approach that has allowed Wheelhouse 20/20 to become one of the most trusted agencies for building supply industry dealers, distributors, and manufacturers across the United States.